Whether you’re a maker or a product company, you can use a Berg Devkit to prototype and produce your own connected products.

For a one-off prototype, as the backbone of your next Kickstarter project, or as the platform to scale up your product when you go to market; the Berg Devkit is perfectly suited for products with low bandwidth and low power requirements.

The Berg Devkit Contains…

  • 2 x Berg Devshields
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • 1 Power Cable (with UK & international power adapters)
  • 1 Berg Bridge

Available in the Store now.


Berg Devshield Specs

  • Stacking headers for Arduino
  • Hardware SPI compatible with Arduino Uno, Mega and Leonardo
  • 3.3V and 5V tolerant SPI bus
  • 128 x 32 White on Black OLED display
  • Onboard 3.3V DC supply powered directly from 5V supply on Arduino or Raspberry Pi
  • EM357 based Zigbee module with chip antenna and Berg firmware
  • Circuit design and layout released as Open Source Hardware.
  • Raspberry Pi Devshield stacks directly onto the Pi.
  • Onboard 3.3v supply powered directly from 5v line on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Extra SPI pins expose interface for easy connection to mbed LPC1768.