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Whether you want to develop hardware that uses Berg or use Berg in your existing products and services it's easy to get started.

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If you're creating your first prototype or playing around with existing hardware, there are two ways to get connected.

Berg Devshield

Our Devshield is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ARM MBED, with Device API libraries available for each. Connectivity is provided by the built-in wireless chip which connects via the Bridge (available separately). It's quick to get started, allowing you to focus on creating a great product.

Prices start from £24/$32 for a single Devshield from the store.

Texas Instruments CC3000

We also support the Texas Instruments CC3000 chip in conjunction with an Arduino Mega. CC3000 shields are available from Adafruit, Sparkfun and many other retailers.

Once you have your board, you can follow the appropriate Dev Center tutorial.

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Bring Your Own Connectivity

Already have your wireless solution? Contact us to see if we already have client libraries for you to use. If we don't, we're happy to work to bring the Device API to your chosen platform.

Don't forget that you can get started with the Devshields and switch to your own connectivity later! The Cloud API won't change. It allows you to speak to all your devices, regardless of how they connect.

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Sandbox Membership

We have special packages for R&D groups, educational establishments, and hackspaces. Please contact us to find out more.